Monday, 16 December 2013

Isotretinoin part 2

Isotretinoin, a magic drug for acne which works very effectively in severe acne. In previous post I have written about its side effect and uses. In this post I will explain more about this drug. Main complaint by patients is excessive dry ness, dandruff and lip dryness. Many patients leave the course in middle due to excessive dryness. I strongly suggest to my all patients to use moisturiser at least twice a day. I start this drug with dose of 20 mg and if I see less response I increase it up to 60 mg. 2nd important thing is dietary restriction. This drug increase triglecirides in blood so patients shouldn’t take oily, high fat diet during the treatment. Drinking lot of water always helps with any medicine. Use of SUNSCREEN is very necessary because patient may feel bit irritation in sunlight during treatment. Drug compliance means how patient taking this drug is also important. Its absorption is more after meal or with meal. As I mentioned in earlier post that female cannot have pregnancy up to 2 year after taking this medicine.  Excessive Alcohol consumption may also create problem with drug. For further query email me
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