Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Isotretinoin" MAGIC DRUG BUT

Many people discuss, talk about this accutane isotretinoin pills. Even i am very fond of prescribing this drug to acne patients. It is very effective in acne, folliculitis, acneiform eruption. Infect it is a drug of choice for acne. It is not only comedolytic but also it decreases sebum production by oil glands. So it makes skin dry and fair too. Basically it's doses depend on doctors experiences. Many doctors give 20 mg / day for 1-2 months. But doses can go up to 60 mg/day. Main problem with isotretinoin is its side effects. 1st is it affects foetus development so we strictly take written consent not to have pregnancy up to 1 and half year. Its effect remain in the body up to 1-2 year so even after stopping this drug female patients can not conceive for 1 year at least.This drug also increases blood triglyceride and LDL level so i monitor blood triglycerides every month. If we keep these points in mind it is very safe and effective drug for acne.  Let me repeat that i have very good feedback with this drug in acne patients and if doctor is experienced it's side effects can be avoided easily.

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