Thursday, 6 February 2014

"BOTOX for Wrinkles"

botox.. one unique molecule which is becoming very popular in cosmetology. Wrinkles are formed due to over contraction of face muscles. Botox is a toxin which partially ( if given in lesser dose) paralyze the muscle and remove the wrinkles. I personally like this procedure because it is less time consuming and results are excellent. Basically middle aged woman with prominent wrinkles are suitable candidate for botox. Forehead wrinkles, crowfeet ( wrinkles lateral to eyes) wrinkles between eyes, bunny lines, gummy smile, lifting of eye brow, lifting of tip of nose, purse like wrinkles around lips.. Can be successfully corrected by botox. I don’t give botox in pregnant and lactating lady otherwise its very very safe. Effect remains for 4-5 month. Less doses are require when a person goes for botox next time and effect remains for longer period. I have seen effect of botox more than a year after 3rd time. As we know it is a costly procedure cosmetologist ( including me) charge 400-500/- per unit. For more info.