Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Acne - let's discuss everything part-1


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Acne … almost all of us suffer with this problem in young age.  Few get this occasionally, some have very severe form and some get sudden flare up. Let’s start again from prevention. Actually acne is not a disease .. it is a physiological process due to hormonal changes in body but when it creates problems and disfigurement of face treatment becomes necessary. Whenever patients come to me I start with these points which can reduce flare of acne
1st . Don’t use hair oil and any sticky cream on face.
2. avoid oily food , chocolate , milk products
3. avoid dust, use sunscreen( above 30 SPF)
There so many medicines and creams in dermatology which are proven effective for acne but frankly speaking all are just not very effective. Before I prescribe any cream to patient I say one thing 1st that is
1.       Any cream don’t rub it on face
2.       Apply it over acne ..and if u feeling redness, irritation, burning then just put only for 20 minute then wash it. Retinoic acid , benjoyel per oxide, salicylic acid are known for irritation so do it as advised.
Now let’s start with creams. There are many creams and there is specific way to use.
Clindamycine ( clindac A, CLINTOP, FACECLIN, CLEAR GEL) -  this is more of preventive and curative so I tell patients to use it all over face in the morning. Now a days nano gel preparation are coming which penetrate more and more effective too.
Adapalene gel ( adalene, defferine,)– this is my favourite .. I tell to use it over acne in the night.
Benjoyl per oxide – it is effective antibiotic but I personally don’t like this cream because it cause too much red ness and post acne marks. Still it is favourite of many old dermatologists.
Salicylic acid (below 3%) – it is also effective but not as much as adapalene but some patients responds better with this than other drug.
Now a days combinations of above medicines like adapalene+clindamycine
                                                                         BPO+ clindamycine
I give them according to acne type and nature
I don’t go beyond these creams because these are the best medicine can be used in acne although there are other topical drugs for acne but all are costly and less effective than these above things.

About oral medicine, peel, and other things I will write in next post. You can ask your queries here in comments or email me dr.gauranggupta@gmail.com


Bushra M said...

Tell you what Doc! The best cure for acne is honey! Apply honey mixed with a bit of water every day and all those pimples will vanish! ;)

Adrian said...

I had my acne problem for years, God, internet advices saved me and my skin :)


Bushra..i am allopathic doctor so i dont believe in that...but if u have some material from ur side related to honey and skin i will put in my blog..with ur name and blog..u can email me.


adrian keep on checking my blog u will find many new things about acne

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Anonymous said...

Hey i want to ask if the pus is pimple turns greenish..does that mean its getting wose

Anonymous said...

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