Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Melasma" Cause and Cure

Melasma or cloasma(when it comes during pregnancy) is a brownish pigmentation below eyes and both side of nose. It may cover cheeks and forehead too. This is very common problem especially in Indian subcontinent. Hormones and sun light is main culprit for this condition. It is more common in females but males also get this and could be concern of cosmetics. Females age of 35-45 year and pregnant are more prone to get this. It is very recurrent condition and tends to come again and again even after treatment. Treatment guidelines are sunscreen and antimelanin creams. Sunscreens should be used 3 or 4 times in day ideal is every 4 hour. Antimelanin creams like hydroquinone, kojic acid etc should be applied in the night once every day. Peels are also good option for treatment. Glycolic acid , yellow peel and combinations peel are used to treat it. There are advance procedure also like q-switch NDYag laser and co2 fractional laser. Avoid sun exposure is must to prevent its recurrence .Melasma is three type  which are deep, superficial  and mixed.