Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hair Loss and mesotherapy

mesotherapy is a new technique which becomes very popular among doctors. it is very simple but effective way to treat androgenic alopecia. beinng doctor i know that there are very few option to treat androgenic(familial) baldness. one is topical minoxidile and oral finasteride. 2nd is hair transplant. mesotherapy comes between these two method. according to few study it is 400 times more effective than topical minoxidile. in mesotherapy we inject cocktail or mixture of various chemical like growth factor, minoxidile, some herbal and other vitamin, protein etc. these chemical inject below the skin by microneedles. this procedure can be done by normal insulin injections by puncturing the area again and again or there are special mesotherapy guns. there are atleast 6 sittings are required and after two sitting patient starts noticing improvement. there are no side effects except bruising and little pain while procedure due to multiple puncturing of microneedles. main problem with this procedure is patients need to continue sitting to keep hair grow. it is not a permanent cure or treatment for baldness. the only permanent treatment for baldness is hair transplant. mesotherapy can be used for fat loss, wrinkles, bladness, and other cosmetic procedures.