Thursday, 26 December 2013

sunsilk contest

Sunsilk man AND his charger

She was ugly.. very ugly. Her hair was very dry, fizzy, puzzled.  Nature is beautiful. But disasters like flood, earthquake and many more things are also part of nature. When god made somebody beautiful we praise Him. We say “what a beautiful girl God has created”. What about ugly people? Who made them? God? The only thing exist in this world which speaks truth is mirror. Whenever she used to see mirror she used to smile. Smile on her own ugliness. She was just 18 but she used to count wrinkles on face. Her hair was so curly that she use to cry with tears every time she use to comb. Ok,ok, that’s enough.. It is not a serious story. Actually she was the successor of great, legendry family of witches. She has to look ugly. In her family ugliness was the beauty, ornament of the girl. She was the ugliest girl in the family. Every female in family had some special quality. Her mother had long nails, her aunty had long teeth, and her grandmother had long ears. These all special features further add in their ugliness. But here is the sad part she was very ugly just like great witches but she didn’t have any special quality. Just because of this she never got selection in famous college of witches. She used to sit in front of mirror and used to cry.

                                 “Why I don’t have anything special like my mother?”

Suddenly mirror started speaking

 “My dear child. God is great. He didn’t give you any special feature but he gave you courage to do something extra ordinary. Just identify your inner strength and power. There must be something special in you.” (well let me clear here all witches have mirror which speaks  so take it literally )

                             “Please God help me. Please tell me what I should do?”
 She was continuously looking herself in mirror with tears in eyes.

Suddenly another strange thing happened. A man appeared in front of her.
She got bit shocked
                             “Who are you who scared the witch?”
                                              “ I am Sunsilk Man”
                                               “Who Sunsilk Man?”
                    “God sent me. You consider me as incarnation of God”
Sunsilk man had strong body, shiny hair and bright eyes. (he doesn’t wear underwear outside).
                        “What you do Sunsilk Man” she asked with curiosity
                           “I am God of hair. I make hair shiny, long and strong.”
                                             “why is your name ‘Sunsilk’?”
“ Because I will make your hair long, bright as Sun and shiny like a silk”( real reason is to praise  our sponsor sunsilk )
“My dear child you are very sad and unhappy that u don’t have anything long  so I am giving you one shampoo( Sunsilk shampoo). After using this shampoo u will able to make your hair very long which would be your special quality. With this shampoo I am giving you special Sunsilk Charger too.”
                                                     “Special charger? What is it “
“You can recharge your hair by this charger and give current shock to whom you want to scare. It will certainly help you to become great witch”

After this event she started using sunsilk shampoo and charger every day. She got the selection in famous witch training college and got the title of the ugliest witch in college too. This is all because of Sunsilk shampoo and Sunsilk man who came as angel in her life and changed the angle of life (nice line boss).

Now question is how sunsilk worked in my life. Initially when I didn’t know about Sunsilk I used to recharge my hair with mobile charger. After that I used tablet charger and laptop charger too but never got satisfactory results. But now I am using Sunsilk shampoo to recharge my hair and believe me this is the best u can see my hair in photo