Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black is Black

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Black is beautiful … black is logical is necessity.. I have not seen any other colour as  useful as black. Your gadget might look beautiful in black but believe me it would be beautiful in white or pink too.  But here I am mentioning 5 odd things which can’t have any other colour than black.
1       Black polythene 

  one the most useful thing. A non transparent black polythene. It hides each and everything you bring from market. It could be egg, meat or alcohol bottle.  It will not let your neighbour know that what you gonna have in dinner. It gives you  freedom to buy anything and bring anything  without revealing anything .
2    Black umbrella 

   umbrella could be blue or white but science says only black umbrella saves you from yellow yellow sunlight and spare your skin to be black .
3Black office shoes 

  Just look at your school/office shoes. Are they white?? Yellow??  No these are black..beautiful black. And just keep in mind if you don’t want to lose your job don’t ever change the colour of shoes.
4Black cold drink: 

    In this part of India ( north rural ) nobody says give thumsup or coca,they say भाई काली वाली कोल्ड ड्रिंक निकाल दे. So imagine if black cold had not been black what could have happened with shopkeeper
5  Black underwear: 

   just because our contest says black is beautiful so at least  one underwear should  be black.  

Friday, 6 June 2014

Jealousy-hoax-split ends hair

I am guy..and guys don’t keep long hair. So they don’t understand what the hell is split end hair problem?? Believe me although I am dermatologist and deals with hair problems but even I didn’t know about this particular condition. I opened my text book (which I didn’t open even at the time of exam). Furiously searched in trichology(hair) chapter. U won’t believe me but in entire chapter author has not mentioned anything regarding this condition. A company spent lot of bucks and made some shampoo for the problem about which not even single line mentioned in books.  Google is almighty. It is father of all enthusiastic and foolish searches. I searched this problem in Google. But I couldn’t find any specific technical term for split ends hair. Lets talk about this split hair problem ( don’t take it seriously). Actually this is not a problem of lady who has this split ends hair. Infect it is a problem for other ladies who don’t have this condition. It is clear cut matter of universal jealousy between ladies. Ok I explain.. due to split ends of hair .. one hair appears as two hair. So if a female scalp has 5 lakh hair it will look like 10 lakh hair due to this problem. So basically it makes scalp more hairy and dense. So this is not a problem at all. But when I searched in google I came to know only 10-15% females have this situation. So rest 85-90% female are so jealous that they introduced some kind of conspiracy and spread it in the world that split hair ends is some disease. And to treat that such kind of shampoo came in existence. This is the hidden documented history of this which was protected by some illuminate groups but I revealed it. God will save me. Now let’s talk about this shampoo. This shampoo is really different. This is based on most advance technology recently invented by NASA.  I did one test to know its effectiveness. For that test I was needed a split ends hair ( no girl donated me when they came to know  BAAL ACHHE HAI). So I bought one blade took my own hair and cut it along the hair and made it’s end split. I put the shampoo on hair and waited for few hours. I was shocked..i mean I had no words to explain this. There were two hair.. yes this shampoo fully divided the hair and one split end hair gave two absolutely healthy and normal hair. I recommend each and every person .. Please use this shampoo.  But one thing keep in mind if you are using this shampoo for more than 3 month must go to barber otherwise there would be no space to grow hair on scalp. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

"Melasma" Cause and Cure

Melasma or cloasma(when it comes during pregnancy) is a brownish pigmentation below eyes and both side of nose. It may cover cheeks and forehead too. This is very common problem especially in Indian subcontinent. Hormones and sun light is main culprit for this condition. It is more common in females but males also get this and could be concern of cosmetics. Females age of 35-45 year and pregnant are more prone to get this. It is very recurrent condition and tends to come again and again even after treatment. Treatment guidelines are sunscreen and antimelanin creams. Sunscreens should be used 3 or 4 times in day ideal is every 4 hour. Antimelanin creams like hydroquinone, kojic acid etc should be applied in the night once every day. Peels are also good option for treatment. Glycolic acid , yellow peel and combinations peel are used to treat it. There are advance procedure also like q-switch NDYag laser and co2 fractional laser. Avoid sun exposure is must to prevent its recurrence .Melasma is three type  which are deep, superficial  and mixed.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

"BOTOX for Wrinkles"

botox.. one unique molecule which is becoming very popular in cosmetology. Wrinkles are formed due to over contraction of face muscles. Botox is a toxin which partially ( if given in lesser dose) paralyze the muscle and remove the wrinkles. I personally like this procedure because it is less time consuming and results are excellent. Basically middle aged woman with prominent wrinkles are suitable candidate for botox. Forehead wrinkles, crowfeet ( wrinkles lateral to eyes) wrinkles between eyes, bunny lines, gummy smile, lifting of eye brow, lifting of tip of nose, purse like wrinkles around lips.. Can be successfully corrected by botox. I don’t give botox in pregnant and lactating lady otherwise its very very safe. Effect remains for 4-5 month. Less doses are require when a person goes for botox next time and effect remains for longer period. I have seen effect of botox more than a year after 3rd time. As we know it is a costly procedure cosmetologist ( including me) charge 400-500/- per unit. For more info.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

sunsilk contest

Sunsilk man AND his charger

She was ugly.. very ugly. Her hair was very dry, fizzy, puzzled.  Nature is beautiful. But disasters like flood, earthquake and many more things are also part of nature. When god made somebody beautiful we praise Him. We say “what a beautiful girl God has created”. What about ugly people? Who made them? God? The only thing exist in this world which speaks truth is mirror. Whenever she used to see mirror she used to smile. Smile on her own ugliness. She was just 18 but she used to count wrinkles on face. Her hair was so curly that she use to cry with tears every time she use to comb. Ok,ok, that’s enough.. It is not a serious story. Actually she was the successor of great, legendry family of witches. She has to look ugly. In her family ugliness was the beauty, ornament of the girl. She was the ugliest girl in the family. Every female in family had some special quality. Her mother had long nails, her aunty had long teeth, and her grandmother had long ears. These all special features further add in their ugliness. But here is the sad part she was very ugly just like great witches but she didn’t have any special quality. Just because of this she never got selection in famous college of witches. She used to sit in front of mirror and used to cry.

                                 “Why I don’t have anything special like my mother?”

Suddenly mirror started speaking

 “My dear child. God is great. He didn’t give you any special feature but he gave you courage to do something extra ordinary. Just identify your inner strength and power. There must be something special in you.” (well let me clear here all witches have mirror which speaks  so take it literally )

                             “Please God help me. Please tell me what I should do?”
 She was continuously looking herself in mirror with tears in eyes.

Suddenly another strange thing happened. A man appeared in front of her.
She got bit shocked
                             “Who are you who scared the witch?”
                                              “ I am Sunsilk Man”
                                               “Who Sunsilk Man?”
                    “God sent me. You consider me as incarnation of God”
Sunsilk man had strong body, shiny hair and bright eyes. (he doesn’t wear underwear outside).
                        “What you do Sunsilk Man” she asked with curiosity
                           “I am God of hair. I make hair shiny, long and strong.”
                                             “why is your name ‘Sunsilk’?”
“ Because I will make your hair long, bright as Sun and shiny like a silk”( real reason is to praise  our sponsor sunsilk )
“My dear child you are very sad and unhappy that u don’t have anything long  so I am giving you one shampoo( Sunsilk shampoo). After using this shampoo u will able to make your hair very long which would be your special quality. With this shampoo I am giving you special Sunsilk Charger too.”
                                                     “Special charger? What is it “
“You can recharge your hair by this charger and give current shock to whom you want to scare. It will certainly help you to become great witch”

After this event she started using sunsilk shampoo and charger every day. She got the selection in famous witch training college and got the title of the ugliest witch in college too. This is all because of Sunsilk shampoo and Sunsilk man who came as angel in her life and changed the angle of life (nice line boss).

Now question is how sunsilk worked in my life. Initially when I didn’t know about Sunsilk I used to recharge my hair with mobile charger. After that I used tablet charger and laptop charger too but never got satisfactory results. But now I am using Sunsilk shampoo to recharge my hair and believe me this is the best u can see my hair in photo

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Acne - let's discuss everything part-1


dermatologist, Cosmetologist

Acne … almost all of us suffer with this problem in young age.  Few get this occasionally, some have very severe form and some get sudden flare up. Let’s start again from prevention. Actually acne is not a disease .. it is a physiological process due to hormonal changes in body but when it creates problems and disfigurement of face treatment becomes necessary. Whenever patients come to me I start with these points which can reduce flare of acne
1st . Don’t use hair oil and any sticky cream on face.
2. avoid oily food , chocolate , milk products
3. avoid dust, use sunscreen( above 30 SPF)
There so many medicines and creams in dermatology which are proven effective for acne but frankly speaking all are just not very effective. Before I prescribe any cream to patient I say one thing 1st that is
1.       Any cream don’t rub it on face
2.       Apply it over acne ..and if u feeling redness, irritation, burning then just put only for 20 minute then wash it. Retinoic acid , benjoyel per oxide, salicylic acid are known for irritation so do it as advised.
Now let’s start with creams. There are many creams and there is specific way to use.
Clindamycine ( clindac A, CLINTOP, FACECLIN, CLEAR GEL) -  this is more of preventive and curative so I tell patients to use it all over face in the morning. Now a days nano gel preparation are coming which penetrate more and more effective too.
Adapalene gel ( adalene, defferine,)– this is my favourite .. I tell to use it over acne in the night.
Benjoyl per oxide – it is effective antibiotic but I personally don’t like this cream because it cause too much red ness and post acne marks. Still it is favourite of many old dermatologists.
Salicylic acid (below 3%) – it is also effective but not as much as adapalene but some patients responds better with this than other drug.
Now a days combinations of above medicines like adapalene+clindamycine
                                                                         BPO+ clindamycine
I give them according to acne type and nature
I don’t go beyond these creams because these are the best medicine can be used in acne although there are other topical drugs for acne but all are costly and less effective than these above things.

About oral medicine, peel, and other things I will write in next post. You can ask your queries here in comments or email me

Monday, 16 December 2013

Isotretinoin part 2

Isotretinoin, a magic drug for acne which works very effectively in severe acne. In previous post I have written about its side effect and uses. In this post I will explain more about this drug. Main complaint by patients is excessive dry ness, dandruff and lip dryness. Many patients leave the course in middle due to excessive dryness. I strongly suggest to my all patients to use moisturiser at least twice a day. I start this drug with dose of 20 mg and if I see less response I increase it up to 60 mg. 2nd important thing is dietary restriction. This drug increase triglecirides in blood so patients shouldn’t take oily, high fat diet during the treatment. Drinking lot of water always helps with any medicine. Use of SUNSCREEN is very necessary because patient may feel bit irritation in sunlight during treatment. Drug compliance means how patient taking this drug is also important. Its absorption is more after meal or with meal. As I mentioned in earlier post that female cannot have pregnancy up to 2 year after taking this medicine.  Excessive Alcohol consumption may also create problem with drug. For further query email me
read previous post

Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Isotretinoin" MAGIC DRUG BUT

Many people discuss, talk about this accutane isotretinoin pills. Even i am very fond of prescribing this drug to acne patients. It is very effective in acne, folliculitis, acneiform eruption. Infect it is a drug of choice for acne. It is not only comedolytic but also it decreases sebum production by oil glands. So it makes skin dry and fair too. Basically it's doses depend on doctors experiences. Many doctors give 20 mg / day for 1-2 months. But doses can go up to 60 mg/day. Main problem with isotretinoin is its side effects. 1st is it affects foetus development so we strictly take written consent not to have pregnancy up to 1 and half year. Its effect remain in the body up to 1-2 year so even after stopping this drug female patients can not conceive for 1 year at least.This drug also increases blood triglyceride and LDL level so i monitor blood triglycerides every month. If we keep these points in mind it is very safe and effective drug for acne.  Let me repeat that i have very good feedback with this drug in acne patients and if doctor is experienced it's side effects can be avoided easily.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Acne Scars BYE BYE

Acne scars is most common cosmetic problem. Acnes damage the skin texture and cause acne scars. There are different types of acne scars. Above picture showing various kind of scars which can be caused by acne. Rolling, box and ice pick scars are common in all of them. There are various method to treat these scars. We have lasers(co2 fractional laser is very good), carbon facial, dermaroller, subcision, chemical peeling, derma abrasion to treat these scars. I very frequently use laser+ dermaroller+subcision combination to treat scars. It takes around 4-5 month to complete all sessions. In 1st sitting i do laser then next sitting is for dermaroller+subcision. We repeat these procedure alternatively. Almost 7-8 sitting are required to get proper improvement. But let me tell you that there is no method to get 100% cure. Even after doing all these advance and costly procedure there is up to 60-70% improvement. My all patients find it very effective and it improves their confidence surely. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hair Loss and mesotherapy

mesotherapy is a new technique which becomes very popular among doctors. it is very simple but effective way to treat androgenic alopecia. beinng doctor i know that there are very few option to treat androgenic(familial) baldness. one is topical minoxidile and oral finasteride. 2nd is hair transplant. mesotherapy comes between these two method. according to few study it is 400 times more effective than topical minoxidile. in mesotherapy we inject cocktail or mixture of various chemical like growth factor, minoxidile, some herbal and other vitamin, protein etc. these chemical inject below the skin by microneedles. this procedure can be done by normal insulin injections by puncturing the area again and again or there are special mesotherapy guns. there are atleast 6 sittings are required and after two sitting patient starts noticing improvement. there are no side effects except bruising and little pain while procedure due to multiple puncturing of microneedles. main problem with this procedure is patients need to continue sitting to keep hair grow. it is not a permanent cure or treatment for baldness. the only permanent treatment for baldness is hair transplant. mesotherapy can be used for fat loss, wrinkles, bladness, and other cosmetic procedures.