Monday, 21 October 2013

immune india

An autobiography of  fighter cell

I am a cell. My name is WBC means white blood corpuscle. I fight against disease, bacteria and virus. I save my land (body) at any cost. I stand in front of all enemies of body without thinking that I may die in this battle. I work hard I run from here to there in blood from head to toe. All my life I did struggle to keep this body disease free. My other friends like antibodies, antiviral cells and antibacterial cells are always with me to cope with these notorious bacteria and viruses. We work in a group and with effective strategy just like hunters kill their prey with a plan. We are the part of immunity. We are an immunity of the body and I promise that I will fight till the last breath.
                That was a hot day. I could feel the silence before the storm. I could see my friends were waiting for some predictable disaster. Suddenly thousands of polio virus started coming in through elementary system. We were ready, but these viruses were very strong. They attacked on body with huge numbers. We fought alone. We did not have the extra support of polio vaccine. They were killing us brutally. We were dying here and there. Within few hours I could see dead bodies of my friends buried in the circulation. I was fighting bravely but in the absence of a vaccine it was almost impossible to win. I lived with self-respect and died with honor.
              That is a small autobiography of Wbc. A fighter cell that saves the body from all disease. Today this killer cell lost the battle but we could have saved the cell if we had followed some universal instructions. Let’s see how we can make a healthy and immune India

Immunisation – vaccination

Each and every person in India should immunise their children. There is a time schedule of vaccine which should be strictly followed. The vaccine is the most important tool to make an Immune India. Nowadays science has developed vaccines against almost all severe disease like TB, Hepatitis B, diphtheria and other disease.


Yes, a rich nutritive food is very necessary to make the body healthy and disease free. Of course I can add Dabur Chaywanprash which provides 3 times more immunity that helps fight virus, flu and infections. So every Indian should be provided a healthy food to make entire India immune.

Yoga/ Sports/Exercise

Yoga is an ancient technique to keep the body strong and healthy. 10 min yoga everyday increases circulation in the body and makes the heart and mind strong. Yoga gives an internal strength to fight with bed ridden disease. Sports also work same as Yoga and help to make Immune India.

Hand wash

You might shock but unhygienic and unwashed hand has been proven as one of the most common cause death in children. It causes diarrhea and pneumonia which are the most fatal diseases for children in India. So proper hand wash should be kept in mind before having meal to make Immune India.

No to Tobacco and alcohol

Well I don’t think any explanation is required to prove that these addictions not only harmful for health but it destroy families and financial structure also. Let’s say No to all, these things to make entire India immune.


Finally education is the key to any troublesome lock. Our government and NGO sector should work enthusiastically and vigorously to educate and give proper information about all important aspects to achieve immunity. Let’s educate every Indian to make entire nation disease free.

            It is next to impossible to include all the points in such a small article. But I want to conclude this with a beautiful Hindi poem. 

                            मेरे देश और इंसानियत के  नाते, 
                            ना मरे कोई भूख और बीमारी से,
                            ना कोई आंख रोये किसी के जनाजे पे ,
                        सब रहे स्वस्थ और मस्त खुशियों के खुमारी से. 


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