Monday, 28 October 2013

Dabur lal tail contest

                                    Dabur Lal Tail                   

                                I, My Mother and Grand mother

There is a story. My grandmother used to tell me. It’s a story of 100 year trust. It is a story how a mother sees her child growing day by day. And of course a story about the most trusted and oldest Ayurvedic product manufacturer company “DABUR”. As far I know for my grandmother Dabur and ayrvedic products are the same thing. So she always used to tell my mother not to use chemical products for me but use “Dabur”.  Only a mother can feel that satisfaction of using some safe and trusted product on her kid and just imagine the feel of happiness when a mother massage her kid’s soft body. Now let’s talk about “Dabur Lal tail” because this was the thing which connects me and my mother when I was just 1 or 2 year old. So we cannot ignore or avoid the contribution of this oil which helped to build such a beautiful and strong bond between me and my mother. My grandmother was like an instructor who had a long, good experience with this oil and always told everybody including my mother to use “Dabur Lal tail”. And of course she was my father’s mother and she was absolutely correct about this oil. I would like to tell few points about “Dabur Lal tail”. 1st is it is a fully aurvedic product so totally harmless. It does not affect or show any side effect on skin and a healthy massage with this oil strengthens the muscles. This is a much known product in my family and almost everybody using this oil for their child. So I just searched in google and came to know about its component. I would like to mention here
Til Tail (Sesame Oil) - helps in absorption
Shankhpushpi - protects against skin infection, general weakness
Camphor - stimulates blood circulation
Urad - nourishes muscles
Now let’s start my story. I am sure everybody knows Amitabh Bachhan. By birth I had some resemblance to him. He as well as I was suffering from a myasthenia Gravis. This is the muscle disorder which causes weakness of the muscles. It is due to some unknown change in genes. So initially nobody even doctors came to know about my disease. But within a few months this disease started showing its effect on me. Sometimes I used to get breathing attacks due to weakness in my breathing muscles. Sometimes I was unable to open my eyes due to weak eyelid muscles. My grandmother noticed when she saw that my one eye was open other was closed. This disease is very unique that it 1st affects eyelid muscles. I was just 6-7 month old at that time. My family immediately ran to the hospital. I went though few blood tests and diagnosed as myasthenia Gravis. My mother cried a lot but my grandmother was very firm and confident. Doctors told that as such there is no curative treatment but I can improve with physiotherapy, massage, yoga etc. And that was 1st day when this oil was used for my massage with strong and forceful suggestion of my grandmother. My grandmother never lost hope. My mother and grandmother continuously did massage for 1 year with “ Dabur Lal tail”. Slowly- slowly I improved infect I improved a lot. And the day came what for my entire family was dreaming. I walked 1st time. It was such a lovely, strong, intense, emotional moment for my mother and grandmother that everybody had tears in their eyes. This was the story my grandmother used to say to me whenever I sit with her and spend time.  Now I am totally cured and that credit goes to my mother, grandmother and of course “Dabur Lal tail”.

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