Sunday, 3 November 2013


Happy Diwali to ALL.

Diwali means lots of sweets and fire cracker. these things can affect your skin and can cause flare up of acne and other skin disease. lets see how.


this is actually enemy of skin. it contain lot of chemical poisons. its fume and smoke directly react with skin and can cause pigmentation, acne, excessive sweating, sebum production and chemical dermatitis. other than this small-small chemical particle can block the pores of the skin which directly activate hair glands to produce acne. and of course always there is a chance to get burn with fire cracker. i suggest that while enjoying  with fire crackers always keep your face covered with cloth. use clindamycine gel and sunscreen blocker even if there is night. sunscreen although protect skin from sun but it act as blocker too and prevent chemical particle to get settle on skin. 2nd things do not use oily creams over face because particle get stick to oily skin and develop acne.


various recent studies have proved that glucose(sweets) activate IGF(insulin like growth factor) receptors in oil glands. Because of activation of these receptor oil gland start producing lot of sebum and oil. And more oil means more acne. i advise just avoid milk product sweet and chocolate. 


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